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we can see life hand in hand

the green, the blue, the rough, the sand

Oh, so that's puce.
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Jensen Ackles Owns My Soul
by daisiesdaily

B_EYE IS STILL LOVE by daaaytripper

Stylesheet by refuted
Castiel Header by sunnny


"Everyone here knows who I am, Fraser. How 'bout you?" - RayK.

captain_lubey: lol i love the harden your arteries brekky.
captain_lubey: bacon eggs beans toast tomato
captain_lubey: bring out your dad, i'll eat it
captain_lubey: *dead

sunnny: you are a blower away of things

[on supernatural]
sunnny. says:
why are contracts sealed by kissing
sunnny says:
sunnny. says:
why not like
sunnny. says:
a firm handshake

nutmeg4077: "Morgan was black in the story."

nutmeg4077 people that request some weirdly intimate sam/dean fic but don't want it to actually be sam/dean baffle me
nutmeg4077 it's like
nutmeg4077 is there any fic in which sam gives dean a blowjob against a dumpster in a bar parking lot? NO WINCEST PLEASE
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