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Oh, so that's puce.
05 January 2020 @ 05:53 pm
If you'd like to browse the stories I've written, or keep tabs on what I write in future, I'll be posting any and all fiction to another journal:


Please feel free to friend/de-friend at will :D
Oh, so that's puce.
29 May 2011 @ 06:04 pm
Hi all,

this is a long time coming, but I just wanted to give all my love to everyone, my US friends who have just had a shit time of it lately, I hope you and all your loved ones are safe from all the disaster. I know how it feels to be surrounded by that sort of thing. I wish there was more to offer but my thoughts and well wishes and love is about it.

last month was this accounts sixth anniversary which is just, insane! I haven't contributed to it, or much else lately, but it will always be important to me, I know, I'm a broken record!

again, love and hugs, I hope life is treating you well, each and every one of you deserve it

Oh, so that's puce.
06 March 2011 @ 09:49 pm
Hello there! :D

♥ I hope life is treating you exceptionally well, and that when you drive-by this post you'll have enough time to stop for gas, some snacks, a magazine - I mean, tell me what's going on in your world

♥ A belated happy birthday to the beautiful Jensen Ackles <3 I'm sorry I'm indifferent to your show right now, dude, but it was once one of the best pastimes in my life so, thank you for playing your part and being impossibly fucking GORGEOUS both on my TV and ocmputer and in real life. Good luck post-SPN bb

♥ speaking of SPN, has there been any really, really, good and notable RPS fic on that front in the last, er, 6 months or so? I wonder.

♥ Okay, so, my new obsession? Hawaii 5-0. Like, whoah. It's not only very witty and pretty and gay, but it also has some awesome fic writers. I've only seen about 5 or 6 episodes, but I've devoursed so much fic, and it's such good quality. I haven't been excited about a show and it's fandom in a really long time so, happy face :)

♥ I'm my best friends bridesmaid next month, and she lives interstate, so it's going to be a busy, crazy time. But I have pretty new shoes, and 3 weeks off work so naturally it's exciting, too :D

♥ love to all!
Oh, so that's puce.
09 January 2011 @ 08:42 pm
To my dear LiveJournal,

In this simple little post, that arrives too late, I have enclosed my love, my thanks, and my happy litle heart. I'm not leaving you, but as we see too little of each other, I thought it would be best to explain what you mean to me - even if I rarely stop by to express it these days.

You may not know it LJ, but you have given me a lot of things. These include but are not exclusively: a new perspective on life, and love; people I will never meet but will always be moved by; the written word as it meant to be written, selflessly; impossible boys, Hawkeye, BJ, Sam, Dean, Ray, Fraser and the hundred of others that passed my way; stories, stories, stories; sanctuary and peace of mind.

It was here, LJ, that I met all my wonderful friends, some that I'll be lucky to keep until I am 'old'. Friends who loved me for what I loved, and what I so loved to do, and for no other reason. This will always be your badge of honour.

Thanks, LJ. I'm not around a lot, but you're always with me ♥

Until next time,

Oh, so that's puce.
Hello there!

I know it's been very quiet in these parts, I've been pretty busy and haven't been watching TV [although White Collar S2 started up last wednesday :D] or keeping up with fandom or writing very much at all, which is definitely a downer but it's for all the right reasons!

I just wanted to let you guys know that so far I've lost over 5 kilos and 34 cms[almost 12 pounds and over 13 inches] in measurements :)! I have a ways to go but it's an excellent start and I feel so much more confident of the fact that it CAN happen. Even when I'm eating lots of food :D Just good food and a hells of a lot of exercise.

Work and life is busybusy and I'm not taking holidays over the new year. I'm just going interstate for a couple days to be with my family, which will be nice. A break from the norm. I hope everyone is going well - feel free to leave me novel length comments on what is going on in your worlds! - and I hope to catch up with your LJs, but if I don't have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, be safe and merry and enjoy.

Oh, so that's puce.
29 November 2010 @ 08:20 pm
Leslie 'Buck Frobisher' Nielsen, thank you and RIP ♥
Oh, so that's puce.
24 October 2010 @ 08:56 pm

"You know, we made a hell of a team back there."
Oh, so that's puce.
Hey :D

Just taking a few minutes before work to check in! Things are a lot better in my neck of the woods, I'm eating well, exercising, losing weight and just feeling better about myself in general. Also, the weather is finally getting warmer :D How I long for you, Summer.

I've been watching Supernatural but I'm pretty underwhelmed to be honest. I know a lot of people said the only thing that could save it for them was the boys being bddies and working together again and it's not really going in that direction/ They're just fucked up in general I suppose. Which, you know, an apocalypse or two and some demonic inbreeding will do that to you I guess!

Sherlock is starting on one of our network channels soon and I'm looking forward to having a look, I know that a couple of you are watching avidly :D I don't really have 'a show' at the moment, and there's not a lot of time for due South marathons, sadly, but I'm still alive so we'l take it one day at a time ;)

We tried to help out a friend who couldn't house their dog any more, and it was going to have to go to the pound, but. It bit my dog and my dogs laid up in bed with a couple of stitches, a drainage tube, and feeling sore and sorry for himself :( He'll be okay though! He's a tough little JRT.

Anyway, I should go do something productive, and start yet another Wednesday. I hoep you're all well and hope to check into your LJs to see what the haps is over there. Take care of you <3
Oh, so that's puce.
Hey guys!

I've recently had two people take me off their f-lists and as much as I understand it, and respect it, it's made me feel a little sad because it was people that I enjoy hearing from, not just people who added me because they liked a story I wrote once, you know? Anyway the point of this post is this:

I'm not in the best place right now, mind and body, and I'm struggling to be here, and be involved in everyone's lives. As much as I'd like to! I'm taking full responsibility for that. I feel like I've been taking you for granted - without sounding melodramatic - which makes feel shitty. I like knowing that you're here, doing your thing, but if your LJ isn't a place for mostly absent friends than please feel free to take me off your f-list. That's just how things are going to be, and I don't know how long for, so I just wanted to put that out there!

I'm seeing doctors, and I'm starting an expensive a special 'healthy eating/precision exercise' regime next week to get me on the right track, so I'm really hopeful that things will start turning around :D

In happier news, this is my favourite thing right now:

I don't know why! Except maybe for this:

This day, this day that you hate so much because you got a little embarrassed. This is my favorite day. Even though I'd still be a nerd, it didn't really matter anymore. Because I had a real friend. And that would always make everything okay.


Oh, so that's puce.
22 August 2010 @ 09:54 pm

▲ Here's another 'I haven't been around for a while' post to entertain and amaze you! Except not really :) I've just relocated to a different room in the house. Which sounds more underwhelming than it actually is, haha. It has a shower/toilet/basin etc, so it's reasonably self contained and it's all new paint and carpet so it's fresh. I'd been in the old one for over ten years or something ridiculous so it was time to get rid of A LOT of stuff, and just make it more ... me.

▲ In health news, there's a possibility I have a Fructose or Lactose intolerance - maybe both! - so I have to do a series of breath tests to determine the problem. It could also be my gallbladder acting up, so they're going to check that too. I feel like I should be in a spinning wheel or eating cheese. NO MORE TESTS!

▲ I saw The Expendables on Thursday night. For future reference ... don't.

▲ Well, BigBang has been an experience. I've found that I need to cowboy up and deal with the fact that comments are quality over quantity . I have had SO MANY long, lovely messages about my story, and the characters - especially the original ones - that have been so rewarding. I know it sounds so selfish, but I've been used to churning out J2 one shots that get a lot of comments quickly, but with Big Bang it has been a slow build and people have been SO gracious with their compliments, it's beautiful.

▲ I've recently purchased NCIS:LA and White Collar on DVD. These are both shows that I talk about liking but actually haven't seen a good deal of the episodes. I'm working my way through White Collar at the moment - there are less episodes - and it's just, awesome. I haven't started watching S2 yet, so I'm steering clear of fandom, but, wow. I just love this show. And, Jayzus, Matt Bomer can racketeer on/around/over me any day, seriously.

▲ I'd usually go to my gurl sunnny - and it's still open for you bb - but I know she's busy with uni/work/life, but I was considering changing my header, and was wondering if anyone graphically minded would like to put something together for me. If you have the time/the interest. I'm not really sure what I want yet, but I'm just putting it out there.

▲ I’ve been so preoccupied with the idea of owning a Dalmatian that I’ve even been dreaming about it. I’ve heard that they’re a lot of hard work though, and are prone to health issues so I‘m definitely not going to go out and buy one tomorrow. I’m also hoping it’s a childish phase. I just wanted to ask: have any of you owned one, or known someone who did? I just would love to hear personal experiences.

Also: tell me about the dogs you have owned, and the great things about them. We have a Jack Russell and he’s a little champion but, I’m just playing with the idea of having another dog, in the distant future, and would really love to compile some, ideas or what have you.

▲ I saw that THINGS YOU LOVE meme was going around, and I missed out, so here’s a quick list of things that are making me happy right now:

The Disney Channel; Cups of Tea; Sleep; New Rooms; Old Books; Boy Love; Stories; The Quiet; Loud Music; Cuddles; The Post-Work-Out Ache; Box Sets; Birthdays; Home; OTPs; Feedback; Retail Therapy; HP7 Posters; The Knowledge That Friends Are There, Even If I Can’t See Them.